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We are very excited about our new skincare line from Environ.  This skincare uses gradually increasing amounts of Vitamin A to create healthy, glowing, firm skin. 

Dr. Hogan says, "These are the best skincare products I have ever used!"


We have a new microneedling procedure

we are offering at a special package price!

This procedure is great for skin smoothing, tightening, and helps with scarring.


We have a new GlycoAla photodynamic therapy procedure

we are offering at a special package price!

This procedure gives phenomenal tightening and lift while reducing

pore size and brightening the skin.  Bonus--it is NOT painful!!!


Chronic Inflammatory Response Syndrome

Could this be affecting you?

Read more about it on our blog!

Upcoming Events

Here are our next Sound Baths located at Youthologie

Each is a beautiful, meditative, themed experience! Reserve your place on the mat!

For more on Sound Baths in a previous blog check here.

Next Sound Bath Sunday 9/29/19 at Yoga Inspired

(7713 Lead Mine Rd, Raleigh, NC 27615)

From 6-8 PM

Sound Bath 

On Saturday 10/26/19

at Youthologie

From 7-9 PM

Check back here frequently for upcoming Sound Baths!

All sound baths require RSVP and purchase of ticket

Tickets are $35 in advance and $40 at the door

Tickets purchased are good for that event only

and are not transferable to another event

What's New, the Short Version

Environ skincare products


GlycoAla Photodynamic Therapy

Diagnosis and Treatment for CIRS (see more about this condition on the blog)


Stem Cells! (more information here)​

Come in for a consultation to see if this treatment is right for you!

Coming Soon

The Menopause Method 

featuring bioidentical hormone replacement in organic oil

putting control in your hands and customizing your hormone dosing 

CBD (cannabidiol) oil and other products

Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis