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The Menopause Method

We don't have a decline in hormones because we age; we age because we have a decline in hormones.

The Menopause Method


The Menopause Method, developed by Dr. Daved Rosensweet, is a brilliant system of bioidentical hormone replacement for women, delivered in the safest, healthiest, most excellent and elegant way possible.  The system uses patented organic oils to deliver bioidentical hormones transdermally in a safe ratio, in a titrated manner; so that the dosage is individualized and specific to each person.  Follow-up testing is performed to be sure the patient is not being overdosed.  Symptoms are monitored to be sure the patient is not being underdosed. 


What we know about the sex hormones (estrogens, progesterone, testosterone) is that they are necessary for the development of secondary sexual characteristics and that the organs required for reproduction are responsive to these hormones.  It is generally known that ovaries, uterus and breast tissue respond to the sex hormones, but did you know that all tissues of the body have receptors for these hormones?  In the same way that other hormones affect all cells, such as thyroid hormone, insulin, or cortisol, the sex hormones have profound effects on all cells.  Learning about these complex hormones and their interrelationships can be daunting initially, but it is valuable information that can quite literally save your life!


Could bioidentical hormone replacement in organic oils be the right treatment for you?  To quote Dr. Rosensweet, “There may be risk in treating with hormones, though this is debatable: there is near certainty of adversities from not.”  You don’t need to take my word for it, you can read Dr. Rosensweet’s book for yourself: Happy Healthy Hormones (How to Thrive in Menopause).  Here I would like to repeat, it is never too late to start bioidentical hormone replacement and to derive benefit from it.  Bear in mind, too, that if you try it but feel it is not right for you, you can simply stop.  If you later decide you would like to try again, you can always start again.  These are your decisions.  We recommend you take your time in becoming informed and making these important decisions. 


At present, Dr. Hogan of Youthologie in Raleigh, NC is the only MD in North Carolina providing this service.  She works closely with Medicap Pharmacy, the only compounding pharmacy in North Carolina that is currently compounding the hormones in this organic oil preparation.  Youthologie invites you to investigate whether this is right for you. 

There is much more detail on bioidentical hormones and the Menopause Method here in the Youthologie blog (probably more than you ever wanted to know.)  Consultation with Dr. Hogan about this method of restoring optimal health is available both in persone and as a telemedicine service.  

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