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Service Menus

Aesthetic Services

stem cells

hair removal (laser and IPL)

vein elimination (laser and sclerotherapy)

skin smoothing, collagen building and retexturizing (laser)

skin polishing and exfoliation (vibradermabrasion)

elimination of brown spots (IPL)

chemical peels

skin tightening (venus concept and ultherapy)

extreme skin smoothing, tightening and collagen building

body contouring

acne treatments

injectable fillers (restylane, juvederm)

neuromodulators (botox, dysport)

permanent lip enhancement (silikon 1000)

laser and IPL

ablative laser (pearl fractional)

LED treatments (omnilux)



vibraderm facials

 *NEW* microneedling

*NEW* GlycoAla photodynamic therapy

*NEW* skincare products from Environ

Sound Therapy

feeltone monochord table

sound bath

tuning forks

crystal ringing bowls

guided meditation

stress reduction

Anti-Aging Services

stem cells

functional medicine

integrative medicine

hormone balancing

hormone optimization

bio-identical hormones

the Menopause Method

adrenal fatigue treatment

Wilson's thyroid syndrome treatment

chronic inflammatory response syndrome (CIRS) treatment

nutrition & lifestyle

holistic approach

natural solutions

essential oils

herbal solutions

stress reduction

Training Services

(for providers)

laser safety

cutera xeo operation

cutera pearl fractional operation

ultherapy operation

venus freeze operation


injectable fillers



GlycoAla PDT

sound therapy

feeltone monochord table and monolinas

tuning forks

crystal ringing bowls

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