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Lip Clinic

Your lips are an important part of your appearance. Subtle changes in your lips and the surrounding area can greatly increase the youthfulness of your face. At Youthologie, Dr. Lisa Hogan understands the importance of creating a soft and natural look. She is an artist with nearly 20 years’ experience creating beautiful lip enhancement for thousands of patients. We use a permanent, sterile, medical material to enhance your lips—a little or a lot, the choice is yours. There are numerous advantages to using this material. It is very non-reactive and non-inflammatory, so post-procedure swelling is minimal. You do not have to repeat the procedure to maintain the look, thus avoiding the risk for scar tissue, not to mention the inconvenience, discomfort and expense of having to repeat the procedure. The look is very soft and natural, and the material does not show on x-ray; so, no one but you will know you have had the procedure. The material can correct asymmetry, such as scarring that occurs due to trauma or surgery; and it helps to define the lips, fill in unwanted fine lines and create a poutier look. The material is indistinguishable from your own tissue, so both the look and feel of your lips will be completely natural. Join the thousands of happy patients who have changed their look and turned back time at Youthologie’s Lip Clinic.

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