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About Youthologie & 

Dr. Lisa Hogan

Youthologie Aesthetic & Anti-Aging Medicine is proud to be North Carolina’s first green medical office.  Our medical director, Dr. Lisa Hogan, was educated at UNC where she received both her undergraduate and medical degrees. Her residency and board certification were completed in general and vascular surgery, and included a year of research in vascular surgery. Lisa practiced surgery for 16 years and completed a mini-residency in occupational medicine at the University of Cincinnati. Once she became interested in aesthetic and integrative medicine, she furthered her education with the American Academy of Dermatology, the American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine and the Association for the Advancement of Restorative Medicine. Aesthetic and integrative/functional medicine has been the sole focus of her practice for the past 21 years. We are a holistic center that believes in challenging the conventional medical paradigm. We believe in maximizing health, customizing each individual’s wellness plan & acknowledging the connection between mind, body & spirit. Our philosophy is simply to joyfully provide the best and safest products, procedures and loving care in a beautiful, healthy and soothing environment with the utmost integrity, while honoring the planet.



"A great place to find! I am in my 60's and my daughter just went in to copy my beauty routine because she wanted her skin to look like mine. What a compliment! Thanks so much!!!!"


"From the moment I entered this amazing & tranquil space I knew this was right for me. Dr. Hogan's knowledge & compassion makes Youthologie a great place to go for all your anti-aging & aesthetic needs. I always have a great experience at Youthologie!" 



"Youthologie is harmony! They offer sound therapy that incorporates body, mind & spirit. Thank you, Dr. Hogan, for all you do!"



"I felt as if my face had aged far beyond how I was feeling. I placed myself in Dr. Lisa Hogan’s hands! Afterwards, I felt as if I had regained lost years. Thank you so much for giving me all those years back."


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