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Lip Enhancement at Youthologie!

Lips. They occupy a position in the central column of the face. They are used for expression in so many ways—not just for talking, but for smiling, pursing, frowning, and tightening. They are sensual and are an instrument for enjoyment—food, drink… kisses.

When we are engaged in conversation with another human they are mainly observing our eyes and lips; they are mainly looking at that central column of our face. For this reason, subtle changes to the areas of the eyes and lips have major impact on our appearance in general.

As we age, we make less collagen in the skin everywhere, which decreases the structural support of the skin, allowing skin to sag and wrinkle. In the area of the lips and philtrum, collagen loss means volume loss. The entire area around the mouth loses volume and becomes more recessed

Youthful lips are full, sensual lips that are smooth and “juicy” (plump) looking. Thin, tight lips are a reliable sign of anger. Most people do not want to appear angry or upset when they are not—this is not considered beautiful. What can we do about it? One of the easiest, quickest and most effective ways to enhance the lips/philtrum area is with the use of injectable fillers. This results in a soft and natural appearance to the lips that is long-lasting, semi-permanent or permanent, depending on the filler chosen. Small, subtle changes to this area can greatly enhance the youthfulness of the entire face.

Many different fillers are commonly used for lip/philtrum enhancement, but our favorite material for lip enhancement at Youthologie is Silikon 1000. This is a medical, sterile, non-reactive, non-allergenic permanent injectable filler that is clear in color and becomes incorporated into the tissues where it is injected. It has a very soft and natural appearance, and can be used in small increments; so that there is a gradual building of the lip/philtrum structure over time until the desired effect is achieved.

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